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Travelling program


Travelling program Bangladesh family de Moor/Pape

Data: 14-01-2014 - 01-02-2014

Your journey Dhaka –Chittagong Hill tracts – (Bandarban) , St. Martin’s Island, Dhaka,

( Niketan/Dhaka) Balipara, Sundarbans, Dhaka


Day 1. (Tuesday January 14)

You are flying from Amsterdam Airport to Dubai and then to Dhaka, where you arrive Thursday January 16 at 10.10 am. Flightnr. FZ 583 (FLY DUBAI)

Together with our local guide Mr. MD Ripon Siddique we will pick you up with a microbus. Go to our regular hotel/guesthouse (Holiday Planet)

Have lunch, rest and later go to a ATM (Standard Chartered) and visit Gulshan II market.

Staff Holiday Planet Our local guide Md Ripon Siddique

Day 4. ( Friday January 17)

After a good breakfast we leave at 01.00 am for Chittagong.

Departure to Chittagong by microbus.

Check in at Asian Sr. Hotel.

Take a rest, check the city, the fishmarket and the waterfront.

Day 5 (Saturday January 18)

Check out early from the Asian Sr. hotel get the permits for the hill tracts to go to Rangamati. We check in, in hotel Sufia (no hot water ask for boiled water) in Rangamati with boat rental.
After breakfast take the boattrip on lake Rangamati

Day 6
(Sunday January 18)

Departure to the Hill Tracts visit the famous "hanging bridge". We travel through the real interior and visit several special villages. Of course, there is time for a photo stop to chat with the people, not to mention a cup of tea Bengal "cha".

In the Afternoon we arrive in the heart of Hill tracks
, Bandarban town.

We check in at Hotel Plaza


Day 7 (Monday January 19)

We go deep in the Hill Tracts and visit a village of the Hill Tracts people

We also drive to the top of the highest mountain in Bangladesh, Keokradong 1230 mtr.

Locally made

Take a local hotel at Keokradong and spent the night.

Day 8 (Tuesday January 20)

Check out Keokradong hotel and leave for Teknaf. Check in hotel Whip Plaza, close to the harbour

Day 9 (Wednesday January 21)

Take the ferry at 9.30 am (two hours) for St. Martin’s Island an spent the night in a lodge. For example: Shemana Pereye.

Dag 10 (Thursday January 22)

Spent the morning checking the beaches, have lunch and take the ferry back to Teknaf at 3 pm.

Leave the ferry go back to the hotel in Teknaf and check the nightlife in Teknaf.

Day 11 (Friday January 23)

Back to Dhaka from Teknaf and check in at Holiday Planet. Time of arrival ± 8. PM.

Day 12 (Saturday January 25)

Fatema and Peter sleep in (a little bit) and wave off Momota and Piet when they go for Faridpur/Niketan.

NB: program Momata and Piet:

Leave ± 09.00 am for Manikanj (Faridpur/Niketan). Probably two hours drive.

Visit the Teota Palace (including boattrip) and the cow market at
Arisha Ghat.

Take dinner and leave for the Niketan compound in the evening.

Day 13 (Sunday January 26)

Whole day busy at Niketan

Evening go back Dhaka:

Day 14 (Monday January 27)

Visit the Liberation War Museum and Parliament

Visit Mujibur Rahman’s park and shrine and go for last shopping in Basundara city

Day 15 (Tuesday January 28)

Momota and Piet leave for Dubai. Fly Dubai HV 6902 at 11.10

NB program Fatema and Peter

Day 12 (Saturday January 25)

First say goodbye to Momota and Piet

Take the microbus to Balipara, arrive ± 3 PM.

Evening take an hotel in Pirojpur.

Day 13 (Sunday January 26)

Spent the whole day in Balipara, visit the local school and the officials.

Evening go for Mongla and take an hotel.

Day 14 ( Monday January 27)

Leave early, 5.30 am for Mongla harbour and take the boat for the Sundarbans,

Day 14 , 16 and 17 ( January27,28,29)

By boat through the Sundarbans

Day 17 ( Januari 30) night/morning

Back to Dhaka by Sundarban express leave 19.30 arrive Dhaka 5.50

Day 17 (January 30)

Take a rest have lunch and go for a children’s home. ‘happy home’Dhaka? (to be decided on spot.

Evening time, visit a Bengali wedding, probably a ‘Gaye Holud’, meaning the bachelor party of the bride.

Day 18 ( Friday January 31)

Last day, sleep out and go for shopping to:

Basundara city and a typical Bengali street market

Day 19 (Saturday February 1)

Check out and go to the airport

Fly Dubai FZ 584: depart 11.10

In short, many possibilities. In this trip you get a good picture in a relatively short time of Bangladesh. It is a vibrant country with positive people. That we like to show you

Sincerely yours
Bertil Bakhuis

0031- 523 264 011

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